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 Topic 3: Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones when you are a student.

Smartphone becomes an important teachnology device in our life. Besides the good things smart phone can do, there are many bad things, too. However, we are still students; we need to know to way to use it appropriately.

Firstly, about the advantages of mobile phones, they can help us to talk to our friends, families more easily than traditional way through writing.  They even can provide us about the life in the world and gain more information.

Secondly, smart phone brings some disadvantages to students. Let’s think when your teacher is teaching in the class and your phone’s bell rings. The teacher will be very angry and you can not pay attention to the lesson. Almost students claim that they have to use smart phones to contact to their family in emergency cases. In fact, they use it to play games, chat with friends, copy down in the test time,etc. Moreover, students can be influenced by some kind of diseases like autisim, addiciton to game online.

In conclusion, we are students so we should not use mobile phones at school.

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